About Me and My Website

One of the reasons I make a website about piano playing is that I love working in my pajamas, with a big cup of coffee and my laptop. Really!

My website is hard work, but I must say I am impressed.

Everything I read and learned about the process of building an online business with the guidance of SBI (Site Build It!) is completely true so far.

Why would you want to work from home?

Am I making an income? Yes, it has started to "trickle" in. But the stats tell me that I am on the right course. My traffic is growing slowly but steadily.

Apart from the yearly cost of Site Build It! (which includes everything I need) I pay nothing except my time- which I choose whenever I want.

I write only about topics that interest me, where I believe I have something of value to say, and whenever I feel like it. I love my full time job as a piano teacher as well- but who says you can't do both?

A warning! Building a website with Site Build It (SBI) is so much fun it is easy to get stuck!

If you're thinking of starting your own website business, check it out. It's got all the tools you need.

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